Khalid Says He Wants His New Album To ‘Provide The Happy Vibes’

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Elvis Duran surprised Diamond with a phone call from Khalid!

Diamond is currently obsessed with Khalid’s new song “Skyline” and she was eager to ask about the new sound of his upcoming album,

“One day I woke up and I was like look i’m tired of being sad. I’m ready to be happy! I want to provide the happy vibes to everybody. I want us all to just have this one big party where we’re just dancing our hearts out and not worrying about a thing just enjoying ourselves. I feel like that’s what I’ve been channeling in a lot of the music that I’ve been making recently.”
Later, Khalid revealed there are no collaborations on the next album although he does have a song with Marshmello coming out “super soon.” Watch and listen to the interview in the video payer above!

Khalid Says He Wants His New Album To ‘Provide The Happy Vibes’ | Elvis Duran Show

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