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local insights awareness of local non profits in austin texas

Every week, B-DOE gets with local non-profits to discuss their efforts and events.

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Austin Smiles

Austin Smiles Did you that one in seven hundred babies are born with a cleft lip/palate? Austin Smiles has a mission to offer wrap around support for these children locally and even internationally. They are a nonprofit

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Air Quality in Austin, Texas!

Air Quality in Austin, Texas! Ever wonder what the Air Quality Index is all about? CAPCOG, the Capital Area Council of Governments, represents 10 counties surrounding Travis County. They help multiple counties collaborate and plan for economic

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Austin Wildlife Rescue

Austin Wildlife Rescue. Have you heard of Austin Wildlife Rescue? They’re a nonprofit who, “rehabilitates and releases orphaned, injured, and sick animals.” Their goal is to also educate the public in Austin and Central Texas to coexist

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Volunteer For Drive A Senior ATX!

Volunteer For Drive A Senior ATX! Have you heard of ‘Drive A Senior ATX’? They are an Austin-are nonprofit that help coordinate transportation for our aging population. When you volunteer, you help enable “older adults to live

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Bugs, Brews, & Berry with O.P. Veteran

Bugs, Brews, & Berry with O.P. Veteran! O.P. Veteran is a local nonprofit with a mission to encourage and motivate Veterans by creating a fundraising and volunteer support system that empowers the Veteran nonprofit community. They host

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