Austin Resource Recovery Encourages YOU to Compost

Austin Resource Recovery Encourages YOU to Compost! Do you know what composting is all about? Have you utilized your green bin to its fullest? The City of Austin has expanded its composting program to ALL Austin Resource Recovery curbside customers! Did you know Austin is trying to divert 90% of materials from landfills by 2040? It’s all part of our city’s ZERO waste goal. Almost half of everything residents put in their trash can be composted. Composting is the process of decaying the correct material so it can be added to soil to improve the quality. Why wouldn’t you be a part of the compost movement?!?

Ashley Pace, from Austin Resource Recovery, tells you all about the benefits of composting on this episode of Local Insights. You can put everything from lawn trimmings, meat, dairy, spoiled food, to greasy pizza boxes in your green bin! Then you just roll the bin out every week with your trash can on your neighborhood’s designated day. Get down with composting at YOUR house. It’s nature’s way of recycling. Spread the word!



Get more info and learn how to score a FREE kitchen compost collector at AustinTexas.Gov/AustinComposts!

Kitchen Compost Collector


Here’s an easy how-to video on the proper way to compost at home!


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Want to help keep the Austin Animal Center one of the nation’s largest municipally run No Kill Shelters? Adopt your next furever from them! Learn more on this episode of Local Insights!

Austin Animal Center dog



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