Goodblend Supports M4MM

Goodblend Supports M4MM! Did you know medical cannabis THC and Delta-9 products are LEGAL in Texas? Have you heard of the Texas Compassionate Use Program? Goodblend is the state-licensed dispensary that carries the widest selection of THC-infused products in the state. Goodblend’s President, Marcus Ruark is a Veteran and is happy to see these prescriptions now cover PTSD. There’s over 150 qualifying conditions for a prescription for medical marijuana in Texas. LaTosha Okoiron is the Chapter President for Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana. Their mission is to, “provide advocacy, outreach, research, and training as it relates to the business, social reform, public policy, and health/wellness in the cannabis industry.” Marcus and Latosha tell you all about the Texas Compassionate Use Program on this episode of Local Insights.


To learn more about M4MM visit!

Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana


To see if you qualify for a prescription, or to learn more about Goodblend, visit!


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Austin Resource Recovery Composting

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