Best & Worst: Commercials from Big Game 2023

Breaking Bad Superbowl

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The good, the bad and the not-very-memorable?

We’re bringing you all the unique commercials from this years big Rihanna concert (and football game or whatever). Everyone knows that getting a spot during the game is gonna cost you a pretty penny. Estimates look to be about $7 million per 30 seconds of commercial. Here we have some of the best and worst of the bunch:


Best: Good and Nostalgic.


PopCorners’ “Breaking Good” brings back Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman and Tuco!!! (Played by Raymond Cruz). Fun way to bring them back, genuinely made me smile and great reminder of one of the best shows to ever hit TV.


Worst: Weird? Boring maybe?


T-Mobile with John Travolta and the Scrubs-guys singing Grease? I guess there’s nothing wrong with this but it’s not my favorite.


Best: Useless Culture War.


Oh no! The M&M’s went ‘woke’! Tucker Carlson makes a move to criticize a few candies and the M&M mascots were put on hold! Replaced by Maya Rudolph, we knew the M&M’s would be back and they made an appearance right after the game. The candies trolled Tucker Carlson, I’d say that’s one of the most interesting commercials of the year. 


Best: The Farmers Dog wants to make us cry!


Dogs are the best and quite a few viewers were moved to tears seeing the lifespan of this sweet puppy. No celebrity talent necessary, just a wholesome little spot.


Best/Worst: Is this a fan trailer?


Huge new trailer for DC’s The Flash with Michael Keaton as Batman and also Ben Affleck as Batman and also two Ezra Miller’s (as if one wasn’t enough). The second Ezra Miller is sure to turn evil, much like some of their real life actions amongst a lot of controversy for the actor. And James Gunn is revamping the whole universe at DC! Too much going on but yes this looks insane.


Worst: Diddy?


Actually this is kinda funny. But it’s not impressing me!


Best: It’s a fun one.


Again, Will Ferrell is fun and seeing him in fan-favorite shows like Squid Games and Stranger Things is cheeky. Netflix and GM team up is passable. 


Worst: Hmm trippy?


We love Adam Driver but this ad had better teasers. It gets real trippy! and that’s about it.


Overall the commercials were… maybe not very memorable? Were they lacking this year?

Let us know what you thought about the Commercials interrupting the Rihanna Show!



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