Violent Fight during the Olivia Rodrigo Concert

Fans came to blows while Olivia Rodrigo, somewhat oblivious to the commotion below, performed her record breaking No. 1 hit, “Driver’s License.” According to an article in Page Six, A viral TikTok video shows two concertgoers engaging in a heated argument before throwing punches at each other, frightening those around them. The tussle was eventually broken up by fellow attendees and some fans went to TikTok to express their feelings.

 Photo: TikTok

“bro we were just tryna enjoy Olivia Rodrigo 😭 😭,” wrote TikTok user @fww.shelli, who originally posted the clip.

 Photo: GettyImages for iHeartMedia

“How does one even start a fight at a f—king OLIVIA RODRIGO concert,” one pondered, while another asked, “do you know how angry you have to be to fight at an Olivia Rodrigo concert?”

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