Selena Gomez’s upcoming EP was recorded almost entirely over Zoom

Selena Gomez

By Lauren Hauge

Selena Gomez has new material coming, and she recorded it quarantine-style.

Her Spanish-language EP titled Revelación is set to be released next month.

The singer’s first-ever Spanish record had to be tracked over Zoom calls due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Gomez told Vevo in their latest Footnotes installment, “We actually recorded almost the entire EP on zoom due to COVID.” She continued on to credit Venezuelan singer-songwriter Elena Rose as one of the project’s “biggest” collaborators. “[Elena Rose is] an incredible female writer who I really think understands my heart and what I wanted to say in this project,” Said Gomez.

The singer and actress touched on the making of her music video “De Una Vez,” which debuted last month and will be featured on the upcoming EP set to release on March 12. “’De Una Vez’ was one of the first songs I worked on pretty early on,” Gomez said. “At the time, doing a Spanish project was just an idea being bounced around. Then the rest of the project just kind of happened really quickly and originally.”

In January, Gomez released another Spanish single titled “Baila Conmigo” in collaboration with Rauw Alejandro. “With “Baila Conmigo,” I want to get everyone dancing,” Gomez explained. “The video portrays the sense of isolation that we are all experiencing right now and how music truly does connect us all no matter where we are in the world.”


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